June 22 – 25

Rock Paper Scissors questions, interrogates, and explores Sisi’s intersecting identities as a Black Queer-Bisexual Woman. In her story of remembering, she weaves together movement, poetry, and play to embody the joy, beauty, curiosity, liberation; internalized competition, invisibility, hypervisibility, and oppressions she lives with as a Black Queer Woman. Accompanied by immersive play spaces and community gatherings, Rock Paper Scissors is an active invitation to return to play as a pathway for healing.
Of Rock Paper Scissors, Sisi says, “My play is a ritual dance language that is directly drawn from my personal journey of learning how to heal, love myself, and remember my divinity. I ground in the question: “What is spoken and unspoken about living in a body that is Black, Queer, and Woman? because there is so much silence and ancestral wisdom within me to release. My intention is to share my healing in order to create space where more Black Queer Femmes and Women can center ourselves.”