Saturday, September 16, 2023, 12 pm – 7 pm


H Street Festival is one of the most anticipated and highly attended single-day festivals in Washington D.C.  The festival is 11 blocks long and has 14 staging areas that are diversely themed and programmed to target different segments of audiences.  The staging areas feature the music of different genres, dance, youth-based performances, interactive children’s programs, fashion, heritage arts, poetry, and many more.
The festival started as a 500-participant bloc party more than 12 years ago, it has now grown into a 150,000-participant event.  The change is immense and the impact is lasting. By using the arts as a principal motivator of the festival, it has proven the arts can be a valuable agent in impacting economic growth.  The festival also has a direct impact on reducing the commercial building vacancy rate on H Street Corridor from 75% to under 5%.  H Street Festival has successfully utilized arts as an engine for the growth of the historic neighborhood.
We have activity stations that focus on participatory artwork, informational stations that promote arts education, and exhibitor stations that showcase D.C.-based artists. The depth and range of arts presentations are incomparable to any other festival.