The Atlas Gala celebrates 17 years of bringing the impact of the arts to H Street and H Street to the world.
Join us on March 2, 2023 for an unforgettable night of live music, theatre, dance, comedy, and performance art featuring performances by pianist and composer Andrew Earle Simpson, Spanish dancers Furia Flamenca, comedian Erick Acuña, performance artist Shanna Lim, and students from the award-winning Atlas City at Peace youth development program. The evening features delicious food and specialty drinks from some of H Street’s finest restaurants including Maketto, Stable, and Chef Ryan Gordon with Granville Moore’s and Queen Vic plus many more.



Gala Host Committee 

Adrian Washington
Brian Edge
Craig Pascal
Donnica Hawes-Saunders
Donna Rattley-Washington
Douglas Yeuell
Henry Fonvielle
Laura Coates
Lisa Terry
Marie Johns
Mario Acosta-Velez
Michael Abrams
Monique Watson
Sandra Stewart
Skye Perryman 

Atlas Board of Directors 

Michael K. Lewis, Chair
Donna Rattley Washington, Vice Chair
Philip Holmes, Secretary
Jane Lang, Founder and Chair Emeritus
Eric Jaffe, Treasurer
Orlando Brooks
Steven H. Brose
Laura Coates
Shari Curtis
Brian Edge
Henry Fonvielle
Donnica Hawes-Saunders
Michael Healy
Brandon Myers
Skye Perryman
Marek Skovajsa
Phyllis D. Thompson
Monique Watson
Douglas E. Yeuell, ex officio 
80 years ago, the Atlas made its grand debut on H Street offering a dynamic new destination for art and entertainment in the nation’s capital. 50 years ago, following the 1968 riots, the Atlas still stood as a monument of hope in a vibrant community, beckoning a renaissance destined in our future. Today, the Atlas celebrates its rich and honorable past as it embraces the promising years ahead – a landmark destination for performing arts and cultural connection.