The Atlas Performing Arts Center brings people together through art to share and celebrate a range of artistic expressions and traditions in order to build understanding, respect, and a stronger community. The Atlas accepts art gallery applications from artists on a rolling basis. Art will be exhibited in the Diane and Norman Bernstein Gallery, the Kiplinger Lounge, and the historic ticket booth.
Applying to exhibit in one of our spaces is on a rolling basis.
Applications are available June 1.
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Creative & Intellectual Property
In submitting your application to exhibit at the Atlas Performing Arts Center you assert that all submitted materials are of your own creation and that the work submitted does not violate the creative or intellectual property rights of any third party.
The Artist understands that the Atlas does not have any security or surveillance capability and does not provide insurance for the Artist’s work. All liability regarding the artwork for the duration of an exhibition rests with the Artist. It is strongly encouraged that the Artist insure their own work at their own expense. Should artwork be lost, stolen, or damaged at any point in the process related to this Agreement by any party, known or unknown, Atlas is not liable or responsible. The Atlas will not compensate the Artist in any way for claims relating to loss, theft, or damage.
Artist Agreement
Should the Artist be offered the opportunity to exhibit at Atlas, the Artist agrees to: Provide the Artist’s services as reasonably requested, to the best of their ability. Lend selected pieces of artwork to the Atlas for the duration of the exhibition. Organize and oversee the implementation of an exhibition at the Atlas, adhering to all installation and de-installation deadlines and guidelines, ensuring that the exhibition is complete and ready for public viewing by the scheduled opening. Attend and participate in the exhibition’s scheduled Opening Reception, Artist Talk, and Closing Reception. Act as an ambassador for the exhibition and the Atlas at all times.
The Atlas retains a 40% commission on all art sales.