April 5-May 5, 2019

Director: Robert McNamara
Enjoy four short and potent plays by the master of modernism, London’s Harold Pinter. Scena Theatre proudly presents One for the Road, an enthralling piece where an interrogator in a fascist state torments a prisoner, his wife and child. In Mountain Language, we see words used as weapons to kill subjects by an occupying force—yet the oppressed are forbidden to speak the Language. In The New World Order, two state officials routinely torture a bound and gagged prisoner to cleanse the world for democracy. And, The Pres and an Officer is Pinter’s final play that was discovered on a notepad after his death, and it explores the powers of the Presidency. Political, at times, Pinter and director McNamara will provoke your brain and stoke your emotions as we portray power and terror—and its consequences. Don’t miss this riveting production!


Presented in rep with Beckett Trio, Part Two