June 11-July 14, 2019

Arturo Ui is a tale of the meteoric rise of a small-time Brooklyn hoodlum who takes over the Cauliflower racket in 1930’s Chicago. Ui ruthlessly disposes of his competitors to enrich himself and gain power. Both entertaining and provocative, this play is a powerful parable to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. It also elicits comparisons to members of our government who aim to seize more power and control over us. Don’t miss this spellbinding play, which depicts evil fascism on the march while portraying the dark sides of human nature. This story reminds us how those who lust power and expand the grips of government often lead us to tyranny.
Arturo Ui is fourth play by Bertolt Brecht that Scena Theatre has produced in its 32-year history.