March 8 8:00 pm

Next Reflex Dance Collective and Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia collide in music and dance circling the “Elements of Earth” in a multilayered visual event.  Each element will be artistically explored highlighting Earth, Air, Water, and Fire accentuating the varied and sometimes tumultuous components of each.
Artists are often drawn to the natural wonders of our world and this collaboration is no exception.  “Elements of Earth” is a real representation of The Intersections Festival theme of “Where the Art World and Real World Intersect.” We are taking the real world and finding ways to highlight and create an artistic universe on the stage.  The perfect orderly world we live in could not exist without the elements; pushing our world along, creating, destroying, and nurturing.  The collaboration of the 4 elements can be found in almost every state on earth.  Our artistic collaboration is a mirror in a way of these elements; artistic entities working together to create.
The performance will be in four parts. Taking the opportunity to highlight each element in music and dance.  Earth, highlighting layers of rock and minerals found in the musical and movement elements of solid group foundations while finding the layers of artistry.  Water, provides ideas of opposite charges, creating fluid and meaningfully rippled movement throughout the world. Air, pure and voluminous, fueling, creating, and breathing; artistically highlighting the artist’s breathing and movement together. Finally, fire brings with it destruction and combustible energy, providing intense and quick actions that move quickly and with virtuosity.”
All Ages