April 22 7:30 pm

“The human condition can be defined as the characteristics and key events of human life, including birth, learning, emotion, aspiration, morality, conflict, and death.”
Wax & Wane explores the human condition and how it directly relates to our everyday worldly lived experiences. This evening length work, created by Raeanna “Rae” Grey in collaboration with the artists, showcases a plethora of relationships between the individual and the collective as they directly or indirectly relate to one another. Together we will explore the highs and lows that one may experience on a day to day basis and how they directly relate to the lived moments we all go through on this adventure we call life. Wax & Wane, in short, is a movement study of how we learn to coexist with ourselves and our complex human emotions as well as with others. Throughout this evening, we will experience high and low energy along with different exertions of force and power that will stimulate and awaken the space around us.