October 15, 2019

Badger Creek
Badger Creek is a half-hour documentary portrait of a Blackfeet (Pikuni) family, the Mombergs, who live on the lower Blackfeet Reservation in Montana near the banks of Badger Creek. In addition to running a prosperous ranching business, they practice a traditional Blackfeet cultural lifestyle that sustains and nourishes them, including sending their children to a Blackfeet language immersion school, participating in Blackfeet spiritual ceremonies and maintaining a Blackfeet worldview. The film takes us through a year in the life of the family, and through four seasons of the magnificent and traditional territory of the Pikuni Nation.

Thick Dark Fog 
At the age of five, Walter Littlemoon (Lakota) was removed from his family to attend a federal government boarding school where his culture, language, and spirituality were suppressed. Embark on Walter’s journey to heal himself and his community while reclaiming his heritage.

Pre-show meet and greet with Film Director,  Jonathan Skurnik
Post-show panel discussion with the director,  Jonathan Skurnik


Artist biography: Jonathan is an award-winning filmmaker whose documentaries have broadcast on Television in the US and Europe. His films have also been screened at more than one hundred film festivals and art galleries. He produces and shoots his own films, works as a documentary cameraperson for other award-winning producers, makes promotional web videos for progressive for-profit and non-profit companies and organizations, consults with other filmmakers on their proposals and distribution & outreach strategies, and teaches filmmaking master classes and at Chapman University and The New York Film Academy. Jonathan also writes and directs collaborative fiction films and makes video installations.

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