May 19, 2019

NFT Dance & Company will present three new works intimately woven in contemporary dance and inspired by the classical literary beginning, “It was a dark and stormy night … “ Dreamy, fantastical and romantic, literary figures depict our psychic fascination with things that go bump in the night and the macabre.


Three new works focus on fantasy, which exists as a place for creativity as a “landscape of what ifs.” It is our subconscious mental-scape where the real world and art world co-mingle. It is vital for our creativity, enlightenment, escape, and hope. It is where inventions take place, and the future is made visible. These three new works will look at various themes of a nocturnal nature. Nocturne is also a metaphor for the unconscious mind and a creative space for uncovering the complexities of humanity. Incarnation, death, and rebirth are especially addressed through fictional narratives and dance movements stemming from a psychological center. Inspired by literary and artistic geniuses of the 19th and 20th century- Edgar A. Poe, Federico G. Lorca & Hans Reudi Giger -the timeless nocturnal theme will thrill and delight the senses and spark sensitive, sophisticated discussions on art. Featuring a fabulous, eclectic cast of dancers from regional and local classical and contemporary dance companies.


Recommended for patrons age 13+. Strong language and adult themes.