January 9, 2024 7:00 pm

Creators SUPERJam brings together a roster of talented rappers, singers and beat-makers from the DMV area to perform original songs and jams, backed by the Distrik Kollective house band.
The event will be taped for broadcast by Arlington Independent Media.
The eight emerging and established artists who will perform were selected from among 20 artists who performed at a Dec. 5 Talent Showcase at the Eaton Hotel on K Street, who were in turn chosen from among more than 30 online video submissions.
Distrik Kollective’s Creators Jam is a monthly gathering at the Eaton that brings music makers together to improvise, vibe and develop their sound in collaboration with other artists.
The first-ever SUPERJam is designed to take the monthly jam to another level, while enabling the audience to share in the delight, spontaneity and magic that happens when artists spark off each other’s energy to create music in real time that expresses their unique voice and style.
Each of the eight artists taking part in the SUPERJam will perform one original song and take part in a creative jam with the Distrik Kollective house band. In an era dominated by exploitative streaming platforms, Distrik Kollective is helping artists take back control of the music they create and connect directly with listeners, providing a more intimate experience that offers fans a front seat to the vibrant music scene in the DMV.
Please join us at the SUPERJam for what promises to be an unforgettable event and an opportunity to see some of the area’s top talent light up the stage.