March 2, 2019

Ancient Rhythms Dance Company presents a rich offering of gypsy lore, expressed through dance and music that conveys the proud resilience of a people who tenaciously hold on to their way of life.  Artistic Director Karen McLane draws inspiration from her father Merrill McLane’s book Proud Outcasts, about the gypsies of Guadix, Spain who invited him into the heart of their community. This multimedia performance is an artistic exploration of the nomadic journey of the gypsies from India to the West.
Wherever they roamed, through every era, they always had the dance…free, spontaneous, and alive!


Ancient Rhythms is a professional world-fusion dance company based in Washington DC. Their repertory draws its main inspiration from Middle Eastern music and movement, and is heavily influenced by Flamenco and modern dance, among other styles. Under the guidance of Artistic Director Karen McLane, Ancient Rhythms aims to bring joy to all audiences by presenting aesthetically rich, theatrical, and thought-provoking dance performances. Ancient Rhythms is a company-in-residence at Seber Method Academy, and is a recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities grant for their production of “The Oasis…An Arabian Fairytale.” They are committed to promoting cross-cultural appreciation as well as improving the lives of women and children globally, performing frequently at benefits for groups such as Aid Afghanistan and School of Hope.