Feb 23 | 6:15 PM

Part of the Free Washington Post Cafe Concert Series


Inspired by Gina Sobel’s 2018 residency at Strathmore Music Center, she and her group have crafted a sound that grows naturally from the way its members approach contemporary improvisatory music. The core of Gold Sounds revolves around Sobel and the talents of drummer Joey Antico, who brings a melodic flare into what is often approached as a purely rhythmic instrument. The ensemble is filled out by Sobel’s and Antico’s close collaborators from the Virginia and DC music scene: Ian Dansey (guitar/pedal steel), Garen Dorsey (keys), and Matt Wood (bass). Gold Sounds is breaking boundaries by combining equal parts jazz, funk and American folk music, but does so in a natural and easy way that reveals that each of these genres have been connected from the start.


The Washington Post

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