March 2 4:30 pm

This devised Hip-Hop theatre piece features original rap, poetry and drama from the Griot Girls of FRESHH Inc.


FRESHH Inc Theatre Company is a new theatre company committed to celebrating and cultivating the voices of Black Women and girls in theatre. FRESHH started as a student organization on the campus of Howard University in 20001. In its time on campus it served as a safe haven for sisters interested in discussing the current state Black womaness in and out of hip-hop. Empowering hundreds of female students, politically artistically and socially, FRESHH was incorporated in 2004 to serve a similar purpose nationwide. Using the experiences and structure from its collegiate roots, FRESHH began serving girls ages 8-17 in Southeast, Washington DC. In 2011 FRESHH began serving girls in a hip-hop rites of passage program. In the next year, FRESHH began its Power of the Pen Summer Youth Employment Program. After year 2 of Power of the Pen, The girls involved continued performing year round forming the Griot Girls, a mentoring program for girls in Hip-Hop Theatre. The women who showed up to enroll their daughters, volunteer as teaching artists, and sell out shows with the Griot Girls, soon became the inspiration for the evolution of FRESHH Inc as a theatre company. In 2015, FRESHH Inc expanded its mission to include serving Black women as well as girls and adding producing the work of Black women in theatre to its mission.