April 28 – May 21

After being part of a mass graves commission sent to Bosnia to document war crimes, American psychologist Kate goes to a NATO rehabilitation facility in Germany where she meets Dorra, who is heavily traumatized and pregnant from a gang rape during the 1990s war. Kate’s Harvard-trained psychology skills fail in her attempts to reach Dorra, who initially refuses to speak. But after an evening of intoxicated frenzy casting out the demons of centuries-old ethnic hatred, the women’s relationship changes and Kate’s own trauma is revealed. The play is a bold exploration of gender-based violence as a weapon of war, exposing the hatred and xenophobic tribalism at the heart of ethnic violence. 


ExPats Theatre was founded in 2019 by Karin Rosnizeck with the mission of producing plays that 1) address global problems, 2) reexamine historical narratives, 3) incorporate women’s perspectives, and 4) explore the human condition across cultures. The world today faces many problems ranging from poor governance, income inequality, violence, and racial injustice to human rights abuses, migration, climate change, and political authoritarianism. There are extraordinary forces unfolding that challenge the human spirit and weaken the bonds that bind individuals together.
In this situation, we need theatrical productions, the performing arts, and the humanities that broaden people’s horizons, provide a sense of history, incorporate women’s perspectives, and address cross-cultural issues. We believe theatre is a vital force for exploring issues of contemporary society and politics. In our complex world, we bring international dramatic works to DC that are thought-provoking, provide a fresh perspective, and offer a platform for audience engagement. ExPats is a small theater that grapples with big ideas.