August 24 7:30 pm

18 + only

Join us for a special, free pre-release screening of LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING before its official broadcast premiere on CNN. The film will immerse you into the life of a pioneer and ‘architect’ of rock and roll, Little Richard, and his undeniable enduring impact on American music and culture. From substantial archival footage and interviews with family, musicians, scholars, and the artist himself, a glittery, dynamic, colorful portrait of Little Richard and his life story emerges.


Fans can relive his timeless music and explore unseen layers that provide an intimate look at the star, challenging previous knowledge and understanding of him and his story. Newcomers can look forward to a comprehensive introduction to his extraordinary cultural and musical influence that has seamlessly spanned eras and cultivated new trends. Produced by Bungalow Media + Entertainment for CNN Films and HBO Max, in association with Rolling Stone Films, director Lisa Cortés brings you a comprehensive documentary that celebrates the music and life of Little Richard. We can’t wait to see you there!