February 24, 2019

An evening comprised of 3 unique contemporary ballet and modern works which celebrate the rich and passionate voices of local choreographers Marie McNair, Truly Bennett and Therese Gahl.  Each artist will explore different facets and voices of society through the vehicle of bold contemporary ballet and modern works. The evening will be featuring local DC and VA dancers and CityDance Conservatory dancers.

Part I. Shadowlark by Marie McNair

Shadowlark, a contemporary ballet featuring dancers from City-Dance Conservatory. The dancers explore how they are affected by darkness and light.  What drives them to the light and what keeps them in the shadows? Is it fear, comfort, desire, or guilt? The destination is unknown but the journey is clear and in taking part the dancers discover new things and insightful about themselves

Part II.  [de]Spite It All by Truly Bennett

Bennett explores movement choices through a blend of Modern dance, performance art, and improvisational techniques. In her newest work, [de]Spite It All, Bennett explores the themes of dealing with societal pressure and labels, how those labels can impact our perception of self,  and how the decision to fight against the status quo can lead to a greater level of self-awareness and acceptance.

 Part II. Fixated by Therese Gahl

Fixated, Therese Gahl’s newest work, featuring CityDance Conservatory Dancers, will explore and define the parallel emotionally and physically within the process of healing. Fixated encapsulates the different relationships created among the dancers and the parallel of both the emotional and medical demands that would be needed in order to find solutions within the human spirit.

Suitable for all ages.

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