June 10

Power is Plotting

Journey with the cast of 2023 as they discover how systems of Power and our desire for it can make or break some of our most precious relationships.
This is a story about a group of young people who know something isn’t quite right. They have a sense that something, perhaps unseen, is going on but they can’t quite put their fingers on the “what”. Whatever it is, it’s affecting them, their families, and just about everyone they know. Manipulating them all. They feel as if they are not being themselves, their true selves, the way they really want to be. Relationships are threatened, negative self-thought and uncertainty weighs them down, reluctance to share their emotions is apparent,  communicating with words is difficult, and most just can’t seem to connect with their selves or others. To further boggle their senses, they seem to be affected differently. Some benefit from the condition and others are negatively affected, but no one is acknowledging any of it. Because their condition seems universal and everyone else seems okay with it, they all just go along with the status quo. But they are beginning to understand that something is at work, here. They feel as if they are responding to something bigger. Something outside of themselves. Perhaps, something big and scary and invisible.