APRIL 2 2021 | 8PM

Christopher will be performing jazz interpretations of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. An enhanced appreciation, due to the COVID-19 quarantine, for time spent with friends and his work on the upcoming documentary on Washington DC’s Black LGBT arts renaissance of the 1980s has influenced this performance.
This set includes “Family Jewels”, a poem by a close friend and seminal poet and activist from the 80s renaissance period Essex Hemphill and original music written with friend and fellow Washingtonian Thom Minor. Christopher will also be performing native son Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, paired with a poem he wrote to honor Gaye entitled “Tribute”.
During these challenging times, art can be used to express our frustrations, challenge us, or express our connection to one another. The set will also feature the rarely performed “Love Theme from Spartacus” which heralds the coming of a new freedom song, and a jazz rendition of The Carpenter’s “I Won’t Last a Day Without You”.
Christopher Prince – Vocals
Micah Robinson – Piano
Rudy Spruill – Bass
Roderick Johnson – Drums
Listen to Christopher Prince’s interview on the Laura Coates Show here.


Featured song below, ‘Moonlight,’  was written by Essex Hemphill
Featured video below, Christopher Prince at Atlas’ Intersections Festival 2020, interviewed by The Napoleon Project
From the Fierceness Served! archives:
We Heard the Night Outside // 1997 performance photo credit – Joel Phillips
The Four of Us //  80s publicity photo credit- Sharon Farmer
Night’skin //  90s publicity photo credit – Valerie Phillips
Recent performance photos credit – Sabiyha Prince // others photographer unknown
Art by Jimmy James Green and Sabiyha Prince