November 12

Bring the whole family! It’s time for CCS’s annual interactive family concert. The performance begins with local composer Charlie Barnett’s energetic and participatory Give Me the Orchestra, which introduces the audience to each section of the orchestra. We’ll continue with our screening and live musical performance of One Week, sure to bring plenty of laughs for grown-ups and kids alike. This event is created with our youngest audience members in mind, and will delight audiences of all ages. Join us as we celebrate CCS with a rollicking performance One Week, with an original orchestral score by acclaimed silent film composer Andrew Earle Simpson.
Travel with CCS to the golden era of silent films with a live performance of Andrew Earle Simpson’s original score accompanying a screening of famed comedian Buster Keaton’s hilarious – but silent – romp One Week. Ideal for audiences of all ages, One Week chronicles the comedic misadventures of a newly-wed couple’s attempt to build a DIY house they were given as a wedding gift – all in 22 minutes.
Plan to arrive early! 30 minutes before the concert starts, an instrument petting zoo will be held throughout the concert hall and lobby, giving your whole family a hands-on opportunity to get to know our artists and their instruments!