February 24, 2024 7:00 pm

An emotionally charged concert portraying the journey of veterans post-conflict, unveiling their struggles and resilience as they navigate the challenges of reintegration into civilian life.
Experience the powerful musical narrative of veterans’ post-conflict journey, capturing their challenges, resilience, and pursuit of normalcy upon returning home. An emotional tribute to their struggles and triumphs in resuming everyday life.
All Ages


Based at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in the H Street Corridor, Capital City Symphony (CCS) serves both audience members and orchestra members. By engaging with CCS, our audience members support our musicians, hear high-quality live music at a reasonable price, and enjoy our concerts in a fun, intimate environment. Our orchestra members volunteer with our orchestra in order to have the opportunity to engage with the joy of symphonic music-making. CCS draws over 80 orchestra members annually from Washington, D.C.’s unique pool of talented amateur musicians – many of whom have extensive training through the college or conservatory level – providing them with an opportunity to reconnect with their passion for music-making. Under the leadership of Artistic Director and Conductor Victoria Gau, the orchestra performs fun, challenging, and exciting repertoire from the 18th century to today!