December 18

Point Of Origin is a choreographic installment that explores the interlacing patterns between trauma and kinesthetic response. What does the body look like, both internally and externally, at the moment trauma begins? Trauma can be an acute incident or a prolonged culmination of cyclical moments of extreme suffering. And while the human body has unfortunately become accustomed to existing within and healing from the matrix of traumatic experiences, the existential question remains “How can we ever experience joy if we are always in pain?” Through this work, I hope to showcase how the psyche and body responds throughout the cycle of trauma- exploring themes such as anxiety, suffocation, coping mechanisms, and healing. In some ways, this work will be a deep dive into the 5 cycles of grief from an internal perspective, rather than an external experience. This choreographic work will not be able to resolve that inquiry, but it will present an unorthodox choice: Submission. Our power lies in our ability to embrace our deeply embedded patterns of trauma, and hone our kinesthetic responses. The act of submission allows us to experience joy and beauty that is often fleeting.


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