October 1 7:00 pm

A superhero is known for their unwavering strength and ability to use their natural powers to help others live and survive. But what happens when the superhero is the one that needs saving?
Can I Save Me? follows the lives of LGBTQIA+ young people of color who often put others needs before their own. We follow their stories addressing topics such as homelessness, growing up in a toxic church culture, living with HIV, xenophobia, colorism, relationships, sexual abuse, trust, and healing. They navigate how to overcome both external and internal villains that try to stop them from moving forward in life. What will be their kryptonite? And will they finally be able to answer, Can I Save Me?


All stories addressed in the production are the real life stories of the cast. They are not casted into roles portraying themselves to protect and maintain confidentiality.
Recommended for ages 13+