FEB 22 | 2:15 PM

Three women, three dreams, whose will come true? Join us for a film screening and Artist Talk-Back after the show.


I challenged three women of color to remember and try to revive the dreams they put on the “back burner” to raise children, support the dreams and passions of their partners, bosses, everyone but their dreams and long held passions. I filmed them for 9 months, the length of a pregnancy, through their challenges and triumphs.



Brenda Hayes is a film producer/director. radio host/producer. At 64, Brenda can finally say she is living her BackBurner Dreams. BackBurner Dreams is my first feature length film project. Hayes is host/producer of radio series This Light:Sounds For Social Change since 2010 and rotating host of Sophie’s Parlor on WPFW the local Pacifica Station. “I desire to produce films that stir the heart, mind, and soul, and foment progressive social change. I dedicated the film to my mother, Gloria Hayes whose dreams I never knew and to my daughter Taylor, who continues to inspire me to follow and reach my dreams. “