FEB 29 | 5:00 PM

“Awaken, Brown Eyes” is a collection of four short films detailing the variety of human experiences through the perspective of today’s Black Americans. The films range from a woman artist discovering her purpose to a young man understanding his world and what it is to code-switch. Stay after for the Artist Talk-Back.



Feeling in film, photography, theatre, or any art, cannot be borrowed or adopted, it has to be genuine. This is what Dominic Green looks for in the moments he writes or captures through a lens: genuine emotion. Throughout his work, Dominic Green paints the world through an artist’s lens that is filled with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Currently, he is working on his residency with Joe’s Movement Emporium in association with the University of Maryland to his newest work, a play called “The Final Genocide.” He also works with StepAfrika!, AFI Silver, The DAB Band, Friendship Public Charter Schools, etc.