May 31 - June 1, 2019

They’re right on the edge, the cusp, trying not to get swallowed up. Struggling to get out from under the pain, pressure, and stress of abusive relationships, mental health issues, the fear of not being accepted by God, absent parents, foster care, self-doubt and self-isolation. They can see the light and are racing to get to it, before it goes out…. before this thing breaks them. Before this Breaks Me is an original, cast devised theater piece based on the lives and experiences of the City at Peace cast members.


About City At Peace
City at Peace is a youth development program for teens and young adults ages 14-24, which provides a safe, collaborative and nurturing space outside of school and other environments where they can examine issues and conditions that divide them.
City at Peace is rooted in social justice and uses performing arts as a learning tool to develop skills in dance, theatre, voice and stage production, as well as skills in conflict resolution, personal storytelling, empathy, understanding, and leadership.
Program Director: Sandra Holloway