September 27 - September 28, 2019

Breaking Ground is a Summer theatre organization for LGBTQIA+ identified youth and young adults in the DC metro area. These brave individuals develop a musical theatre production based on their real authentic complex and unique life experiences being of this population. They have been able to persevere through experiences such a coming out, living with HIV, transphobia, sexual abuse, mental health challenges, and racism. Their strength has allowed them to be revolutionary, and break ground in their communities. 
Bigger than Myself follows the stories of young LGBTQIA+ individuals of color as they navigate life going to the ends of the world to help others, even if it hurts themselves in the process. They have built up such emotional walls due to past trauma that letting anyone close is not an option. From unhealthy relationships, HIV seroconversion, self-mutilation, and substance abuse addiction, these young people try their best to cope with the challenges they face the best way they know how. They try to learn how to balance helping others while discovering what self-care looks like and breaking down their emotional walls. They learn to tell themselves that nothing is “bigger than myself.”