December 16 7:00 pm

Join Glade Dance Collective for a performance of new dance works from local DC artists. This show serves as a culmination of Glade’s year-long In the Lab series of shows at Atlas Performing Arts Center, showcasing new works-in-progress by Glade members and other choreographers from throughout the DC dance community. Glade will be showing new work alongside Sarah Beth Oppenheim for Heart Stück Bernie, Raeanna “Rae” Gray, Chloé Richier, and Drew Scammell. 
We are dancemakers, storytellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in D.C. Through collaboration and performance, we challenge our bodies and minds to create meaningful art that evokes emotion and makes audiences think. We value a collective process that draws together people from diverse artistic backgrounds. Glade produces the annual NACHMO DC choreography festival at Atlas Performing Arts Center and has performed widely throughout the DC area. Current members include Lauren Borchard, Betsy Loikow, and Sarah Raker. Learn more at
Raeanna “Rae” Grey (she/her): 3 cups of passion, 2 sticks of unwavering perseverance, 1 tablespoon of optimism, ½ an ounce of selflessness and a dash of courage are the fundamental ingredients behind my artistry. These ingredients, while simple, have been homegrown, aged, and refined for 24 years directly resulting in my essence as an independent black woman and movement artist who believes that the sky isn’t even my limit. My roots originate from a seedling that sprouts forth in Stafford, expanding its branches into the Shenandoah Valley, and all the while unfurling its leaves into Washington DC. While serene in my demeanor, my mind remains resilient at work, a roiling and ready entity to be reckoned with.
I like to run, fall, jump, leap, throw and indulge new ideas head on. I enjoy contemplating the possibility and conception of physicalized movement that I can slip on and slink around in. I believe that there is a unique essence within strong community ties to create and tell interpersonal stories, movement to guide ideas towards a strange new exciting and unexplored place, and the fact that there is more than one way to execute a process to arrive at a conclusion. As an artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher, I mix, match and style dynamic movement choices, inclusive teaching, and big dreams from the unconventional streets to the stage.
Career highlights include engaging in practices with A.J. Collabs, Effervescence Collective, BREathe Dance Project, Heart Stück Bernie, ReVison, UpRooted, Dance Art Theater, NACHMO DC and Dance ICONS in everything from a storage unit to a proscenium. I have served as the artistic director behind The Hollow: New Beginnings and Wax & Wane. You may have also seen my work featured at In the Lab with Glade Dance Collective, ATLAS Performing Arts Center’s Intersections Festival, Dance Place’s District Choreography Festival, Dance Art Theater’s Transformation Showcase, Coalescence’s Showcase and The Kennedy Center’s Day of Dance.
Heart Stück Bernie serves as a vein cave that pumps quirky-luscious dance, studio-lab education, and intimate performance art into desirous and unsuspecting environments. HSB places the emphasis on process, sensational strata, and fringe-or-fringer dynamic combustion. A hand-made arts & crafts aesthetic exposes seams of meaning and making – inviting each viewer to act as game accomplice, loyal sister, and endlessly surprised participant.
Sarah Beth Oppenheim (she/her)  I come from: 38 dance studios, 4 particular kitchens, and 2 synagogues from the Wild Wild West, skyscrapered NYC, trampoline sidewalks of Berlin, and begrudgingly beautiful sunsets over the Potomac. I like to use scraps, abandoned tools, and painters tape to cut and paste curious inquisitions into everything from pelvis-motored site-specific choreography to burritos. I believe in deepest plie to bend traditions, antiracist pedagogy to bend academia, and dance as an everything salve. As a Teaching Artist Mom, I mine, swap, and alchemically mix choreographic research, community engagement, and arts & crafts between stage, studio, classroom, and nursery. Work/love finds me as a Teaching Artist at Dance Place, Adjunct Professor at American University and University of Maryland, Mentorship and Education Coordinator at BlackLight Summit, and Artistic Director of Heart Stück Bernie. I’m currently a 2022-2023 Fillmore Prize Winner for dance and social impact. I use my space at The Fillmore School to program think-and-move-tank events: luscious deep dives in partnership with rigorous curiosity, persevering connections, and heart-intensive dancers. In Summer 2023, I’ll be a Parent Artist in Residence through GALLIM (NY) and Marble House Project (VT). My most recent project was the 40-person site-specific extravaganza Many Extra Only More at Extra Space Storage in Brookland. Find me @heartstuckbernie
Chloé Richier (she/her) hails from Lorraine, France and moved to the DMV area in 2021. Her most recent performances include Rae Grey’s Wax & Wane, Taffety Punk’s This Inherent Echo and The Incident Sound, Theresa Jimmerson’s Fallait Demander and Inimeg, a duet co-choreographed with Drew Scammell. (IG: @chlocouettte)
Drew Scammell (he/him/his) Originally from upstate New York, Drew now lives in Baltimore, MD, and dances/choreographs across the DMV area. In addition to being a part of the Effervescence Collective and the Rae Grey Dance Collective, he is a company member of Capitol Movement and has been featured in recent works choreographed by Hunter Tayman, Starr Dee, Briana Pacora, and Cat Cogliandro. He has also worked extensively with Elizabeth Watson, Will Miller, Millie Parker, Covenant Babatunde, Zachary Frazee, Caitlin Mahon, Cynthia Williams, and Bill Evans. This evening’s work is a further expansion of Inimeg, a duet with Chloé Richier that primiered at NACHMO DC 2023 as part of the INTERSECTIONS festival and was later developed for Glade Dance Collective’s “In the Lab” June performance. Outside of dance, Drew works at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), contributing to their mission of advancing science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all. (IG: @drewscamms)