ICONS Choreographic Institute at ATLAS
One-act dance works by 2022-23 cohort choreographers
May 13th, 2023, 2:00 PM – matinee, 7:00 PM – evening performance
Atlas Performing Arts Center, Lang Theater
Choreography by Millicent Parker
The Perfect Doll
Choreography by Noa Kamiya
Choreography by Angel Ramirez
they had light inside
Choreography by Faith Rokowski
Performers: Charlotte Brown, Ellie Bottio, Leah Bulson, Sarah Coady, Julia Conte, Raquel Daley, Victoria Davis, Emily Gardner, Chynna Golding, Harriet Gordon, Lydia Hill, Alexandra McGriff,  Gaby Milazzo, Amelia Otte, Noa Kamiya, Jack Klika, Rachel Lawal, Meghan Letizia, Alexandra Mcgriff, Gaby Milazzo, Sarah Moore, Kaya Mueller, Angel Ramirez, Nilton Rodney, Rebecca Scruggs, Rona Shacham, Skye Sibirian, Jaina Simon, Rachel Timmerman, Naomi Turner, Jullie Yelle, Camilo Montoya (Poem Speaker), Milo Stout (piano composer)
Noa Kamiya’s The Perfect Doll is a critique of conformity and the struggle to fit into cultural norms. Millicent Parker’s Tr(us)t is about building connections that can be both beautiful and ugly. Renacimiento by Angel V. Ramirez is about leaving your home country and finding yourself in a new country for a better life. This piece explores the concept of fitting in. they had light inside by Faith Rokowski is about the end of the world. It considers the dueling human experiences when faced with an immovable circumstance through movement, dance theater, and sound. 
ICONS Choreographic Institute at ATLAS, Vladimir Angelov, Artistic and Executive Director, is a proud partner and in residency at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Douglas Yeuell, Artistic and Executive Director.  Additional partnership, collaboration, and rehearsal space provided by the CityDance Center at Strathmore, Lorraine Spiegler, Artistic  Director. 
This project is funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.