September 8 – 10

The 2023 District Improv Festival (the 9th!) will showcase long-form improv comedy acts from the District and beyond, including headliner Hines and Wood, and longtime improvisers from the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA and NYC.


Performance #1 Friday 7-8:15pm
Bird and Friends – Cosmic Unity    (New York, NY)Dead Plant Society   (Washington, DC)Bank and Branch (New York, NY)
Performance #2 Friday 9-10:15pm
The Hypothesis  (Washington, DC)Madeline   (Washington, DC)Roll Play: An Improvised Adventure (Philadelphia, PA)
Performance #3  Saturday 2-3:15pm
Sistine Robot    (Washington, DC)The Cafeteria  (Burlington, VT)Stop That Baby!   (Somerville, MA)
Performance #4  Saturday 5-6:15pm
Drew’s Dad  (Pittsburgh, PA)The Faculty Lounge  (Santa Fe, NM)IMusical: The Improvised Musical (Washington, DC>)
Performance #5  Saturday 7-8:15pm
Press Play (Washington, DC)
Moonstruck 2 (Washington, DC)
Glass Clown (Los Angeles, CA)
Performance #6  (Headliners)  Saturday 9-10:15pm
Baggage Claim  (Washington DC)Will Hines and Jim Woods  (Los Angeles, CA)


District Improv was founded with the mission to support and grow Washington, D.C.’s long-form improv scene and promote awareness of the District as a premiere improv community. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that grew out of a desire for a unified presence for the District’s thriving improv scene. The organization’s board of directors is responsible for the management of the organization, including the annual District Improv Festival.