FEB 22 | 8:15 PM

Celebrating West African, Caribbean, South American, and America music with contemporary ballet and modern dance, Diaspora explores the connectivity of human feeling, its celebration and subtleties, while transcending from various music genres of soca, blues, samba, soul, and Afro-beat. Diaspora blends contemporary ballet against the tapestry of urban and indigenous “feel”, marrying the East and West concepts of dance and music. Artist Talk-Back after the show.



Named “One of the 11 small-but-mighty dance companies outside of LA and NYC” by Dance Spirit Magazine, Dissonance Dance Theatre is a Washington, DC-based professional dance company founded in 2007 by Shawn Short. Since its inception, Dissonance Dance Theatre has performed for local and national audiences on the east coast and in the mid-west states.
Evoking emotional experiences in the audiences we touch, Dissonance’s cutting-edge repertoire features works that are socially and visually appealing to audiences while remaining true to its mission; challenging the audience’s assumptions about the human experience through dance. DDT is the Resident Ballet of Ngoma Center for Dance.