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Are you looking for new business? We’ve got over 37,000 patrons to reach with your message!


WHO will you reach? Meet the Atlas Program reader!*

* Age: the range is 18-65+, with 32% between 25-44, 46% between 45-64

* Income levels: Over half have a household income of $100,000 or more, and 34% have a household income between $50,000 and $99,000.
* Our audience members are a reflection of the diverse communities of Greater Washington.

* Over 23,000 receive our weekly e-mail blasts: thousands more follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

* Just 1.5 miles from Union Station, we are easily accessible by public transportation, including 5 bikeshare locations, the DC Streetcar, and several bus lines.

* Patrons come from DC, Maryland, and Virginia;about 30% from each jurisdiction. They view Atlas and nearly 30 surrounding restaurants, also known as the Atlas District, as an entertainment and social destination.

* Return visits: 76% of patrons said that this was not their first visit.

– Highlights from our 2015 demographics.

“More, more, more! Bravo. I salute you and your diversity and openness. I feel so welcome in your space. I come often and will continue to bring more friends there to enjoy.” Audience Survey, 2014 INTERSECTIONS Festival

While WE build repeat ticket buyers, YOU build repeat customers!

Advertising opportunities include playbill ads, Neighborhood Directories (online and in print) and a Social Media “Join the Conversation” Program.

Download our 2016-2017 Advertising Kit for all your choices! 

For questions, or to book your ads today, please contact our advertising team by email at or phone at 202.399.7993 ext. 124.

Check out our Atlas Neighborhood Directory Page.