Asali Ruth-Mandla McIntyre & Spirit Paris McIntyre 
‘syBLINGS!’ is an intentional forever collaboration between syblings Asali Ruth-Mandla McIntyre and Spirit Paris McIntyre. Since the beginning of time these two have used their: comedy, shared love of language, music, experiences, and the telepathic unspoken energy that exists only between syblings as tools for survival.
Asali Ruth-Mandla McIntyre is a Professional Violinist, Singer-Songwriter, Improvisational Performer and Creative based in the DC Metropolitan area. She has honed her skills in these disciplines for 30+ years.
As an improvisational performer in playback theatre, a form where audience members volunteer stories from their lives and see them played back on the spot; she has: learned how to be a dynamic ensemble member, embraced the art of deep listening to capture the essence of audiences stories, and uses her musicianship as a vehicle to give emotional dimension to both the actors on stage and the audience members.
Asali creates unique arrangements and compositions that beckon her listeners in and puts them at ease. Casting gentle sonic spells of belonging, honoring, and upliftment without judgment. Her work draws from the Classical, Sacred, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Spiritual, and Pop genres.
Spirit Paris McIntyre is a Speaker, Composer, Cellist, Lyricist, Reiki Practitioner, Facilitator, and Visual Artist, who promotes empowerment and healing by any medium necessary. They began their journey with Reiki in January 2008 studying Levels I, II and III. As an independent artist, Spirit has composed and produced several albums: ‘Blusolaz’, 2003; ‘Bars Of Gold’, 2005; ‘It Soon Come’, 2013; and ‘Mourning To The Moonlight’, 2014. Spirit is a prolific collaborator and has been crafting improvisationally based live music for dance and theatre for 20+ years. They debuted their first soundscape Dastak (dhas-tuck): I Wish You Me, an evening-length collaboration, with Ananya Dance Theatre in Minnesota, 2021. In the Fall of 2022 they premiered their second work with this brilliant collective called Nün Gherāo: Surrounded By Salt.
Spirit is the Arts Director for TransFire – a 9-month residency program for 5 TGNC+ artists of all genres, gender expressions, and abilities.
Spirit Paris McIntyre – IG @mcintyrespirit, FB @SpiritMcIntyre
syBLINGS! – IG @syblingss
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