March 22 2:00 pm

Join the artists for an open rehearsal. Experience behind the scenes of our new artists incubator series Atlas Arts Lab. This event is free to attend.
‘syBLINGS!’ is an intentional forever collaboration between Asali Ruth-Mandla McIntyre and Spirit Paris McIntyre. Since the beginning of time these two have used their: comedy, shared love of language, music, experiences, and the telepathic unspoken energy that exists only between syblings as tools for survival. Asali is a Professional Violinist, Singer-Songwriter, Improvisational Performer and Creative based in the DC Metropolitan area. She has honed her skills in these disciplines for 30+ years. Spirit is a Speaker, Composer, Cellist, Lyricist, Reiki Practitioner, Facilitator, and Visual Artist, who promotes empowerment and healing by any medium necessary.
Take a peek into ‘syBLINGS!’ Ancestral world-building practice. Guests will learn about how syBLINGS!’ holds their rehearsals and creative spaces sacred, actively participate in a ritual and will get to observe the development of a performance piece.