September 28 – October 20

“Marlene” is set in the dressing room of a Paris theatre where an aging Marlene Dietrich is getting ready for a singing performance. In intimate backstage conversations, she blisters many of her Hollywood contemporaries, reveals delicate memories of her countless affairs with famous lovers, and flirts with her assistant Vivian who is struggling to navigate the moods and high expectations of “La Dietrich.”
But we also get a glimpse of the human behind the icon as she fights the demons of addiction, the ravages of aging, the fear to fail her perfectionist standards, and the ghosts of Germany’s Nazi past. Ending with a live concert, the play celebrates one of the most enigmatic and dazzling icons of the 20th century who defied many social and gender conventions of her time.
Ages 18+
Content Warning: mild swearing, mild depictions of drug use, mild depictions of smoking on stage

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