March 9 10:00 am

Join us in the lobby from 10AM – 12PM for music, Creation Stations, Capital City Symphony’s Instrument Petting Zoo, and more featuring special guest artist and educator Baba Ras D!
Family Fun Day is supported by the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.
Baba Ras D is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery. Born during the height of the Civil Rights era in Washington, D.C., his early life was shaped by a diverse tapestry of faith-based expressions, from A.M.E. Baptist and Evangelical Christian to Catholic and Traditional African Religions. This rich multicultural upbringing ignited his passion for music and creative self-expression, while spiritual retreats and revivals instilled in him a profound reverence for the Spirit, the Ancestors, and the Supernatural.
Throughout his life, Baba Ras D has embraced the role of a Servant Leader. As a Conflict Resolution and Crisis Intervention Counselor, as well as a Trained Behavioral Modification Specialist, he has dedicated himself to guiding and inspiring countless children and young adults within the criminal justice spectrum. His innate ability to mediate and lead earned him the title of “classroom mediator” and “Team Captain” during his athletic journey.
One of Baba Ras D’s most remarkable contributions to society is the creation of The HARAMBEE Experience, an “Early Childhood Elevation Activity and Play Program.” For over two decades, HARAMBEE has been a nurturing space where young scholars celebrate learning through movement and songs. Baba Ras D’s motto, “PASS THE PEACE, SO THE PEACE CAN INCREASE,” underscores his commitment to instilling values of harmony, unity, and growth in the hearts of countless children.
With a strong foundation of service to the youth, Baba Ras D has now embarked on a mission to promote mental wellness and the power of positive thinking. He recently released his first memoir, “STAY IN YOUR LIGHT: 21 Days of Fasting on The Journey Towards Self Mastery.” In this enlightening work, he encourages readers to reflect, remember, realign, recommit, reconnect, restart, restore, and ultimately return to balance. #STAYINYOURLIGHT offers profound insights into the transformative potential of love emanating from the inner source of light.
Baba Ras D passionately asserts, “Self-Mastery is our Destiny along this Life’s Journey of The Great Awakening. As we continue to witness, Nature is aligning with the Will and Mind of the Divine. It would be wise and well-advised for the Spirit Souls of Humanity to also desire, like Nature, to be in Alignment with a Divine Assignment. Until then, Stay In Your Light!” In a world that often grapples with chaos and discord, Baba Ras D stands as a guiding light, inspiring others to find their inner light and purpose on the journey to self-mastery.