March 16 – April 7

written by Matei Visniec
This satirical comedy explores the lives of migrants as they cross seas, deal with profiteers, and navigate the cultures where they land. Matéi Visniec presents a fresh perspective that helps us understand the human elements of the migration issue. Translated by Nick Awde.
For ages 13 and up


ExPats Theatre was founded in 2019 by Karin Rosnizeck with the mission of producing plays that 1) address global problems, 2) reexamine historical narratives, 3) incorporate women’s perspectives, and 4) explore the human condition across cultures. The world today faces many problems ranging from poor governance, income inequality, violence, and racial injustice to human rights abuses, migration, climate change, and authoritarianism. Extraordinary forces are unfolding that challenge the human spirit and weaken the bonds that bind individuals together.
In this situation, we need theatrical productions, the performing arts, and the humanities that broaden people’s horizons, provide a sense of history, incorporate women’s perspectives, and address cross-cultural issues. We believe theatre is a vital force for exploring issues of contemporary society and politics. In our complex world, we bring international dramatic works to DC that are thought-provoking, provide a fresh perspective, and offer a platform for audience engagement. ExPats is a small theater that grapples with big ideas.