March 9 7:00 pm

Official winner of a Producer’s Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023BroadwayWorld Los Angeles nominee for Best Dance Production of 2023 
This piece peels back the facade of showmanship and personifies what happens when a man confronts the fractured parts of himself to realize his purpose for living. When he tries to uncover this purpose, he is tossed into the throws of depression, and suicidal ideation, and must figure out if it’s all worth it before the clock runs out. A storyteller broken into pieces. If you had the chance to peer inside the mind of an artist on the brink of disaster… would you do it?
CONTENT NOTE: Possibly disturbing material that includes suicide, self-hatred, depression, some F-bombs, and other colorful language.
Ages 13+.
***My Mission: For as long as I perform this show, half of all profits earned will be donated to a mental health organization doing real, impactful work for those who are struggling. This performance will directly support The JED Foundation. YOU will be helping make a difference with your ticket purchase. Thank you for supporting me in this mission! The JED Foundation: Photo Credit: Cara Walton Photography (