December 7

Interactive Shadow Show and Workshop
Where do words and letters go after we say them, do you know? When it’s dark and we all sleep at night, the words dance and play in my House of Light!
This is the story of a secret House of Light, where Letters and Words live, play and create stories. Shadow letters turn into shadow characters, shadow characters come out of a shadow house and turn into fun puppets. What do we do if A -angel falls asleep and her W-wings fly away? If letter W disappears it is not only the wings that are gone, but so many other amazing things, like water, wind, whales and winter! Oh no! Are we going to miss all the winter holidays?! A-angel and B-boy and we all will go on a journey to find letter W and bring the wings and the winter joy back. And of course we will find them, and in the end tired and happy Letters will return home and… fall asleep: Z-Z-Z-Z
The show is 30 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes of shadow puppets creation and puppeteering workshop.
Best for ages 3-7, but everyone is invited.
Happy Theater is a theatrical group that produces shows for different audiences, from children of 0 to 3 years old to adults.
Our shows combine physical theater, object theater, storytelling, clowning, and puppetry.
We believe in the theater’s healing, uniting, and inspiring role.
We believe in the theater for the whole family – an interactive experience for parents and children.
Education is also an essential part of our mission. We create and teach unique theater arts classes and Arts Integration classes for children and adults in DC, VA, and MD. You can view and show your students (ages 1-6yo) our educational videos on the Arts For Learning Maryland Portal and Inspired Child Page. Look for the videos created by Ms. Natasha/Happy Theater.
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