March 1, 2020

60 minutes

13-17; 18 and older



Thrashes to Ashes is an experimental look at the musical theater genre from a punk tap dancer’s perspective. Combining elements of punk music and apocalyptic storytelling, this work follows a fictional tap dancer named Patrick Redeye and his band The Strange Birds as they are beginning to feel the effects of a strange viral infection that is activated through spoken language and results in gradual bodily decay. In a world where the human language is fast becoming obsolete, Patrick and his friends turn to tap dance as a linguistic alternative.
This work embraces the marginal forms of tap dance and punk music in a singular space as a way of dissolving the aesthetic borders that have kept them apart so that they become a new assemblage of abrasive rhythmic noise. With minimal use of text and dialogue, this postmodern musical format attempts to expand tap dance’s emotive range and storytelling capacity, while also using the genre to merge forms that often stand in stark contrast to each other: musicals and avant-garde performance. With a post-show artist talk-back.



Charlie Maybee is a music and dance artist based in Alexandria, VA. He holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois with a certificate in Criticism and Interpretive Theory, a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is an alumnus of the Metropolitan Youth Tap Ensemble. He is currently on faculty at Shenandoah University and American University, and the Artistic Director of Polymath Performance Project through which he shows interdisciplinary performance artwork nationally. His current research explores hybridity and techno-cultures through a tap dancer’s perspective and works to make tap dance more visible in contemporary performance and scholarly study. See them play here.




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