September 14, 2023 – April 11, 2024

“Pershing’s Own” presents:
Time Machines
Groove, pulse, pocket and rhythm, machines, clocks, ticks and tocks: the works on this concert all celebrate the alluring mechanics of time in chamber music, highlighting the flawless synchronization of teams of musicians to create amazing sounds. Featuring the winner of our 2022 National Chamber Music Composition Competition, Hollows, by David Clay Mettens, the program also celebrates American talent and musical innovation.Program:
Run-On, by Allison Loggins-HullPerpetuum, by Christopher ProsserHollows, by David Clay MettensPrized Possessions (ii. Beggar’s Lace), by Viet CuongFratres for wind octet, by Arvo Pärt…a tiny dream…, by Anthony R. GreenBig Things, by Michael Laurello

Calendar for The U.S. Army Band Chamber Music Series: Pershing's Own

  • 7:30pm