December 2 – 10

This December 2022, La Divina returns to Washington, D.C., to give a master class and exorcise some demons. DC-based actor Stacy Whittle will star as Maria Callas in Terrence McNally’s Master Class. Natalia Nagy will direct the play. Felipe Benitez is the executive producer. The play is a fictionalized version of a series of master classes that the original opera diva, Maria Callas, gave in the twilight years of her life at The Juilliard School in New York City. While the play ostensibly centers on Maria mentoring aspiring opera singers, it’s really a meditation and memoir set to music. Expect surprises, food, bipartisanship, special guests, panel discussions, and of course, opera.


About Teatro del Corazón | Heart Theatre
With Master Class, Teatro del Corazón | Heart Theatre, a woman and Latino-owned DC-based theatre company, celebrates its inaugural in-person production. Heart Theatre is the first-of-its-kind center for the arts to consistently use emerging technology such as VR to democratize the arts and create a new generation of supporters of the arts.

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