January 18, 2025 8:00 pm

Kinesphere means the movement space or the space surrounding the body in stillness and in motion, which includes all directions and levels – both close to the body and as far as the person can reach with limbs or torso. Black Kinesphere presents an evening of dance works showcasing Black choreographers Shawn Short, DDT Resident Choreographer Kareem B. Goodwin, Kameron N. Saunders, Kevin McEwen of Kafago NYC, DMV’s Marcus Isaiah, and Shawn Rawls of Emotional Physical Theatre NYC, culminating in a show featuring contemporary and classical dance forms.
Dissonance Dance Featured Works
Don’t Look Back (2025) – New
Inspired by the epic battles of the comic book universe, comes Don’t Look Back. Performed to the Wonder Woman Theme played by virtuosic American cellist Tina Guo, Short’s Don’t Look Back brings contemporary pointe work and male danseur physicality to new heights – developing choreography that blends and moves through under and over curves, souring lifts, and off-center fast-paced motion that excites the eye.
Unsettled (2018)
Dissonance Dance Theatre presents the work of American choreographer Kameron N. Saunders, known for his work in Saucy Santana’s “Booty” music video, The Color Purple movie, and Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour”. In Saunders’s work Unsettled, Saunders unravels human wit and discernment through human longitude and latitude. Danced to the composition of Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson, Unsettled is a contemporary pointe ballet that is neo-classical with swag.
12×6 (2016)
Inspired by Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men and Frigyes Karinthy’s Six Degrees of Separation, 12×6 examines personal connections between strangers, friends, and loved ones; divided into five sections (Overture, Strangers, Retract & Reset, Guilty, Lament) inspired by our five senses. 12×6 captures “private moments in a public place,” exploring the “humanoidal seasoning” that brings warmth, bitter, sour, and sweet to our existence. Short’s 12×6, chronicles the interaction of four strangers in urban life, embellished with quick footwork and soaring lifts, performed to the music of Phillip Glass, Ezio Bosso, and Patrick O’Hearn.
All Ages

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