Atlas Silent Film Series

The Atlas Performing Arts Center’s Silent Film Series celebrates the early days of cinema. What most of us know as silent films, movies made without a recorded audio track, were in fact rich in sound thanks to live musical performances at each movie theater. Our series gives audiences the opportunity to step back and enjoy the magic of silent movies just as early audiences did, thanks to original music performed live by Andrew Earle Simpson. Find out about upcoming screenings here.


Andrew Earle Simpson

aesimpsonAndrew Earle Simpson is Curator and Resident Musician for the Atlas Silent Film Series. A renowned and accomplished composer, conductor, and performer, he is the Resident Film Accompanist at the National Gallery of Art, and appears regularly at the Library of Congress, AFI Silver Theater, and many venues across the United States and abroad. He is Professor of Music at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at The Catholic University of America, where he teaches composition, music theory, and courses in film and music.

Professor Simpson creates live, improvised scores as well as fully-composed scores to accompany silent films. The Atlas screenings feature live piano accompaniment, with scores designed to support and enhance the comic and dramatic elements of each film.