ArtSpace Activation

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The Atlas lobby will be filled with compelling art installations that will inspire you to think differently and question perceptions and understandings of elements that are a part of our everyday lives.

Featured installations for the festival include:

Salvatore Pirrone
Bridging human exchange and the spaces we inhabit
Feb 24-Mar 5: Meet the Artist: Sat, Feb 25 | 3-5pm; Sat, Mar 4 | 3-5pm
Megaphone is a 20 foot long, interactive, funnel-shaped cone.  Individuals are invited to speak into the small end of the sculpture to project their voice. The viewer may also listen through the small opening to use it as an ear trumpet, use it as a viewing device, or simply occupy and experience its massive size. The sculpture looks to deepen the relationship between human exchange and the spaces we inhabit, both conceptually and physically.


Marta Perez-Garcia
Objects of power and metaphors of violence
Feb 24-Mar 5 – in the Atlas Historic Ticket Booth during festival hours: Meet the artist: Sat, Mar 4 | 3-5pm
Perez-Garcia’s woodcut prints deal with the hard truths of contemporary feminicide, and how gender-based violence has become an accepted part of modern life. The prints focus on the dynamic tension between domestic, culturally accepted violence perpetrated against women, and the violent and instantaneous act by which, at times, women attempt to break and escape from this vicious cycle.